Messy mind of mine...

finally after 2 or 3 weeks i can have my good photos of my sand sculpures

1) that one was for practice because i had nothing better to do, i had been all day in the sun and at the sea

2) that one was inspired on the mithras story in annabeth’s quest in the mark of athena… well sort of because mithras was actully standing and this one is in fetal possition because i coulndt make one standing and when i was starting to do the upper side of the body in the sculpture, most of the it crumbled so i got desparete and kicked it after that i made the mermaid.

3) finally my dead mermaid, i suppose that when mermaids die outside water they crumble to sand, and this one couldnt make it to the sea, i was thinking in percy because all his fichy relatives and this one didnt make it out hehe

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